1950s Living Room Design |  Informative

When it comes to interior design 1950 living room era holds great importance. This is the era in which people intended to play with pastels up to a great extent. As pastels go smooth with every theme and give a great outlook to every place of your home. This is why to date people love to recreate 50’s living room decors.

Well, before indulging 50’s decor in your living room there are some points that you need to keep in mind. Here we will talk about everything you can do to convert your modern living room into a vintage 50’s living room. Also, we will tell you about the color themes you can follow. So, let’s begin and give an aesthetic look to your living room instantly.

What were the things that hold importance in 1950 living room decor?

  • Wallpapers

This was the era in which wallpapers in living rooms were introduced. Damast and pictorial wallpapers were usually used in the living rooms. Above chairs and rails wallpapers were used to enhance the whole outlook of the living room. Similarly, wallpapers were used in the smaller-looking living rooms to give them a broader and larger look. Also, in the 1950s green grass-themed wallpaper was considered a luxury.

You can go for light-colored wallpapers for the TV back wall as well.

  • Furniture styles

Back in the 1950 living room furniture was strictly related to traditional and upholstered items. Usually, huge chairs and sofas were preferred with long feet. The fabric used for upholstery was always printed. No matter floral or chequered it always complemented the whole outlook. You can see our famous article about living room decorating ideas in a detailed guide 2022.

Overstuffing of chairs and sofas was considered an integral part of luxurious furniture. Ottoman-style long feet with engraved designs on them added beauty and a feel of royalty to those furniture pieces.

When it comes to the side tables and the center tables, round tables were preferred over everything. A glass center with a pure wooden frame was the makeup of every table. Usually, tables filled with multiple candle stands are the hallmark of the 1950 living room decoration theme.

So, when you head out to the market to get furniture for your 1950s-themed living room keeping all of these points can help you to get the best possible stuff. Getting a huge sofa with plush cushions will do enough justice. Plus, a laminated plywood sofa set is also an option for you.

1950s Living Room Design |  Informative
  • Color schemes

If you are trying to give a vintage look to your living room then remember one thing you have to stick to pastel colors. This is the main thing that you have to incorporate into your living room. Colors like pistachio green, creme, light pink, skin, brown, and grey are the most popular choice of that era.

Try to stick to these colors when choosing curtains or the back wall color of your living room. Also, when you are buying floral furniture for your living room these colors should be kept in notice.

1950s Living Room Design |  Informative
  • Decorative items

If you want to decorate your living room 1950 living room style but with a twist then trust me there will be nothing cooler than adding huge vases at your door entrances. Other than this all of the vacant corners of your living room are also there to hold those vases.

But remember you will have to fill these with huge roses and tulips.

  • Home bars

Induction of home bars was a thing in the 1950 living room. It was typically a thing associated with the elites of that era. They usually used to arrange parties at their places so having a nice bar was their top need. But now this can be used as a decorative item in your living room. Also, you can host parties if you manage to get a small bar in a corner of your living room. 

  • Use of polaroid photos prints for decoration
1950s Living Room Design |  Informative

Do you want to preserve your memories and make your living room an alluring place as well? Then this can’t be done more nicely than the retro polaroid setup. For this, you will require a whole lot of polaroid prints, a jute thread, and some wooden clips. By using all of these essentials you will have to hand the photos on a specific wall.

Overall it will give a retro, vintage look to your wall and will keep all of your precious memories in front of you as well.

  • Mid-century modern lamps

The addition of mid-century lamps to the walls, TV back wall, main entrance, and other suitable stops is a thing in the 50s decorative theme. These lamps must hold golden bulbs in them so that the overall environment takes a vibe of retro decoration.

  • Use of excessive chandeliers and candle stands

If you want to add a touch of royalty to your living room then trust me there is nothing like buying a lot of chandeliers and candle stands for your place. Specifically, the center of your living room and the dining room should hold a huge chandelier. Other than this the side tables in your living room need to be decorated using candle lamps.

Overall, this will add glamour to the whole decor of your house.

  • Use a lot of paintings on the walls

Canvas paintings using oil paints are one of the most prominent things in 1950s-themed decors. So, if you want to give a whole 50’s look to your living room then go for the best floral and abstract art paintings with wooden frames.

You can also go for the huge family photo frames in your living room but oil posters are more preferred.


If you are a person who is more into the soft glam and royal ensembles then the 1950s livingroom decor theme is made for you. You need to follow all of the above-mentioned steps and turn your living room into a fusion of old-school and modernized places. So, what are you waiting for? Head out to the market or order your essentials online and convert your living room into a place where everyone loves to spend time.

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