Are you looking for the best 3 piece living room set for under $1000? Your living room is the place where you and your friends catch up, watch TV and stay in there on your off days while laying on your couch.

On this, we can clearly tell that the star of your living room is your sofa set. And that’s why you have to be a little more conscious and alert while buying it.

Ranging from the look to comfort level, every point should be kept in the notice. And yes the budget is another point on which your purchase is dependent. Always try to get an all-rounder sofa set that has the perfect comfort level, the gorgeous outlook that can change the whole perspective of your living room.

And the most superior of all, make sure that it is within your range. If a sofa set has all of these qualities then it deserves to be called as one of the best 3 piece living room sofa sets. Here is an exquisite collection of 3 piece sofa sets from which you can consider while buying one for your living room.

1. Acanva Collection Tufted Living Room Sofa, 3 Piece Set

Best 3 Piece Living Room Sets Under $1000 - Our Top Picks

An enchanting 3 piece sofa set for the living room that has the ability to change the whole aesthetics of your living room is precisely made using the soft chenille fabric to give it a gentle touch. This fabric, combined with the robust wooden frame, makes this sofa set a rugged yet stylish sofa to be placed in your living room.

Diamond-shaped button tufting is there to beautify it to 10 folds. Plus, the rolled arms are the best part that will give you full-scale comfort. Bronze nails are there to fix the fabric in place that gives it a firm grip and elegance at the same time.

High-resilient foam in the back of this sofa and good quality medium-sized firm cushions seats are on the lower couch. Overall makes it a comforting and long-lasting sofa set that you can use in all ways. Luckily it has the most straightforward assembly, and you won’t require any tools.

  • Robust quality
  • Add comfort
  • It has a stylish outlook
  • Easy assembly
  • The cushions look a little flabby

2. Beverly Fine Furniture Aldo (3 Piece) Modern Sofa Set

3 Piece Living Room Set Under $1000

If you are looking for a sturdy yet comforting sofa set with pleasing aesthetics, then there will be nothing better than this fantastic Beverly 3 piece living room sofa set. Its fine quality foam is covered in red and black faux leather that you can wipe clean in minutes without using a vacuum cleaner.

Its overall modernized look and vibrant color combination are enough to give your living room an elite look. If you want a red and black themed living room, then this one is the best product to go for.

Sofa, loveseat, and chair are built with confinement and decency to give out the eye-catching final products. But the parts come in the zipper compartment that needs proper assembly. So you have to arrange a helper to assemble this faux leather 3 piece sofa set.

  • Amazing quality built
  • Easy to clean
  • Stylish look
  • Needs proper assembly

3. Tulib 3 Piece Living Room Sofa Set

Best 3 Piece Living Room Sets Under $1000 - Our Top Picks

A midcentury-styled sofa set for your living room with rectangular arms is here that you can get with a blindfold. Its excellent quality velvet covering combined with the wooden frame is significantly adding up in the final outlook of this sofa. Sinuous springs are added to the superb quality sponge to add extra comfort and ease.

A 3 seat sofa, an armchair, and a love seat are included in this three-piece sofa set. You can arrange it in the spacious or cozy living room as well. In both ways, it will give a notice-worthy look. If you are searching for the best sectional sofas under $600, this is the most famous review article for you.

With only 250 lbs weight, you can quickly transfer it from one corner to another with a bit of help. Moreover, you can use this contemporary sofa in various ways, and still, its sound quality foam will stay intact. 

  • Solid and durable
  • Modern modular design
  • Perfect shape
  • Added comfort
  • Velvet may catch dust easily

4. Home Life 3 Piece Sofa Set, Blue

Best 3 Piece Living Room Sets Under $1000 - Our Top Picks

Are you looking for a living room sofa set up that can match your blue-colored curtains and give a complete look? Then just look at this beautiful home life sofa set that has everything that one demands in a sofa set. You can call this sofa set one of the robust and stylish most sofa sets. All thanks to its pinewood framework.29 Best cheap living room sets under $200, $300, and $500 – Top editor’s picks

Not only this, but the metal legs are here to provide it with maximum stability overall. The sofa, love seat, and chair every single piece is made with complete accuracy, and the foam used is of exceptional quality. All of these features combine to make it an overall good quality sofa set.

The entire assembly takes almost 10 to 20 minutes that you can do yourself. Superior of all extra comfort is experienced by every person who sits on this excellent quality sofa sets. What else do you want to listen to to get convinced?

  • Pinewood construction
  • Stylish
  • Easy assembly
  • Nothing that we found

5. European Furniture 3 Pieces Alexsandra Luxury Sofa Set

Best 3 Piece Living Room Sets Under $1000 - Our Top Picks

This three-piece sofa set is the must to have a thing in the living room of a person who wants royal touch to his house. This hand-carved masterpiece is made using the high-quality maghony wood that makes it an elite sofa set on its own. Not only the quality but the outlook is also amazing. Just add this one thing into your living room, and it will compliment the whole environment.

In the range of modern living room sofa sets, this product is unique because of added pillows and cushions that can be used in two ways. Both sides are differently embroidered so you can reverse them any time. High resiliency foam is used in the filling of all three pieces to add comfort.

The golden hues combined with the off-white base are the perfect example of decency and luxury at the same time. And not only this but the lucky part is that no assembly is required in this fantastic sofa set. All you have to do is to place the pillows accordingly, and you are all done.

  • Lavish look
  • Hand-carved maghony wood
  • No assembly required
  • A bit pricey

6. Benzara Microfiber 3 Piece Sofa Sets

Best 3 Piece Living Room Sets Under $1500 - Our Top Picks

A perfect blend of beauty and comfort is here in the range of Benzara living room sofa sets. It is a captivating sofa set with a grey-color soft microfiber covering that gives it a great outlook and gives it additional comfort standards.
Each piece comes with an oversized back that will never let your back hurt, no matter in which posture you are sitting on it. Moreover, this beauty contains accent button tufting that maximizes decency with many folds. Additional pillows are also present in the package. You can also see the best 5 piece living room furniture sets under $500.

Arms are remarkably trimmed to add beauty and class to your sofa set at the same time. And luckily, you don’t have to assemble this sofa set; just open the packaging, and your sofa set is all done.

  • Microfiber upholstered
  • Trimmed arms
  • Oversized bag
  • It may capture dust particles

7. Lexicon Ellsinore Piece 3 Living Room Set, Gray

Best 3 Piece Living Room Sets Under $1500 - Our Top Picks

A 5 out of 5 rating is earned by this 3 piece sofa set on the basis of brilliant construction and the ravishing outlook. A wooden frame of this sofa set is enough to bear the weight lifelong and still remain intact. Plus, the shape of this sofa set is uniquely made to compliment the whole décor of your living room.

Now comes the wonderful and high-quality cushioning and arms of this sofa set. This is one of the unique things about the Lexicon sofa set that it contains zig-zag springs to give an additional cozy and comforting feeling every time you go on for relaxing in your living room. Also, the foam is wrapped in Dacron that will increase the lifetime of your sofa set to many folds. Don’t you think it is an exceptional living room sofa set to go for?

Along with all these wonderful features, additional pillows are there on the arms of this sofa set to keep your arms relaxed. And the base legs are totally made up of wood with a brown finish to give it additional support. You can get this sofa set with zero doubt in mind and add a wave of style into your living room.

  • Zig-zag springs are added
  • Arms pillows for additional comfort
  • Polyester filling
  • Great quality wooden frame
  • Heavier than the competitors


Wrapping up the whole review and bringing it to the closing stages, we would say that getting an outclass sofa set with a reasonable price range is a difficult task when you have a lot of options, all with ravishing features. But if you will choose wisely by doing proper research on the features, you will definitely get one of the best 3 piece living room sets. But still, if you are confused the simply go for our top pick, i.e.,  Lexicon Ellsinore Piece 3 Living Room Set, Gray. This sofa set has almost everything that one dreams of having in his living room. Quality combined with comfort and style will make your living room a heavenly place.

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