Today, people live in the brownstone living room and face many issues in managing and arranging the living room. Brownstone living rooms are difficult to set up but not impossible to set up attractively.

One can add more glance in brownstone living room through wise use of furniture and adequate play with paints and many more working on other aspects. We have given basic ideas for a brownstone living room, on which everyone can work right away.

Let’s have a look at them one by one.

1. Use your space differently

In the brownstone living room, space is a basic thin to satisfy and use. We can use the best sleeper sofa for under $500, which can easily fit into a small space and give a great look as a whole.

In addition, one can use some best-twisted mattresses under $1000, for the sitting purpose and at the same time as a coffee table too. However, as it can be seen in the image below, the room’s small space is designed for the sitting purpose and the playing of children, etc.

Everybody can see in the image, this space can be used for reading, playing, and sitting purposes simultaneously. Here, the best sleeper sofa under 1000$ is used and is a great option as a whole.

In addition, the best coffee table for the living room is used on the side of the sofas, along with some modern coffee tables at the center.

Brownstone living room Emily Tips 2022

2. You can use the dining table too

In the brownstone living room, the dining table can be used at a center, which can also be used to treat the guest at a dinner, space which is also be utilized and, on the other hand, add more glance into the living room.

Brownstone living room Emily Tips 2022

As it is already discovered in the image, a simple supernatural coffee table can be used as a dining table, and a creamy sectional sofa is used for the sitting purpose in the hallway. Moreover, a set of chairs is used to enhance the beauty of the dining table. It can be used for both study and eating purposes. A nested coffee table is also used in the center of the hallway and in front of the sectional sofa to enhance the productivity of the sofa and area. It is considered the best coffee table for small living rooms.

3. Brownstone living room space can be designed for guest sitting

One can design his small space for different productivity and beneficial purposes.  

The above image describes to us that the hallway is designed with simple coffee tables considered the best coffee table for the small living room and a mid-century coffee table. Indeed, a velvet recliner sofa is used along with the sage green sectional couch. You can also check our expert tips for brown and turquoise living rooms.

Here, one can see that there is no such theme or color pallet, but a complete touch of nice and beautiful colors in a combination of bright colors and light colors as a whole. Anybody can also go with such a setting if he wants.  Such a setting enhances the space and era of the living room. Rather than to give a  sense of the small and narrow area.


Brownstone living rooms are difficult to settle but not impossible. If one choose the appropriate furniture for his room and place it in a proper layout and coherent colors, it will never let him down in managing his brownstone living space. We reviewed and placed all the basics in this article. Thank you for visiting us.

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