We have to consider the appropriate location of the living room around the hearth. The fireplace gives warmth in the winter season and is stable a point for family settings and gossip. A living room with a corner fireplace is somehow tricky but not difficult at all.

The living room with a corner fireplace can be settled out in the best ways, as listed below. We reviewed all the basic layouts and designs in which a living room with a fireplace can be designed.

Living Room With Corner Fireplace | Best Info
Image: Houzz.com

1. The open concept of designing the living room with a fireplace

Open concept is usually used for creating the living room having a fireplace in the corner. To design the living room, two chairs or a set of four desk chairs are used along with the large sectional sofa under $700, or the best sleeper sofa under $500. The large sofas are used along with the impairment of the small best recliner sofa under $300.

As it can be seen in the image.

Two brownish large buttoned leather sofas are paired with the one creamy recliner sofa, the rectangular top coffee table, and one natural wooden side table. However, an LCD is also placed to satisfy the movie night.

2. how to design a narrow, extended living room with a fireplace

Limited living spaces are most challenging to design, along with the fireplace. To design a narrow living room with a fireplace, one has to purchase small sectional sofas.

It is considered better to place one or two small sofas with one or two desk chairs or one large sofa with two desks or nested chairs along with a coffee table.

One large sectional cream color sofa is placed on the side of the one Grey colored recliner sofa without any chair, even without the best desk chair for backbone and neck pain.

In addition, a simple best coffee table for a small living room is placed without any essentials. It gives you a complete outlook on how you can manage your furniture in a narrow space along with a fireplace in the corner.

3. You can place your sofa perpendicular to the corner fireplace at the corner

Placing the sofa perpendicular to the fireplace is a best practice always adopted with a corner fireplace in the living room. It can be seen in the image below:

Living Room With Corner Fireplace | Best Info
Image credit to: Houzz.com

A large sectional sofa is used perpendicular to the fireplace. Placing the furniture parallel to the fireplace is considered poor practice, as it causes difficulty in the trafficking of the people around the furniture and fireplace.

So, we should always have to fix the large sectional sofa, the small couch, and a nested coffee table perpendicular to the fireplace.

The Colour or paint of the wall also has to be considered with the furniture arrangement. Usually, the cream, white and brown color pallet is regarded as the best paint color for the fireplace in the living room corner.


There are many ways to design and create an attractive look in a living room with a fireplace in the corner. It is pretty challenging to manage but not impossible. We have shared expert ideas with you. It is all up to you which you want to choose and apply to your living room.

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