Open plan living room ideas make a personality live and design his home with versatility and larger productivity. Open living room ideas are the best suitable for families. They give you the opportunity to explore more joy and happiness in your life. Such as a dining table in the hallway of your house, and a double-sided fireplace, etc.

We have furnished a few open living room ideas for you. You can go through them and can choose the one which suits you the best.

1. Add some furniture in your house:

You can utilize the open space of your living room by placing some furniture items like the best sleeper sofa under $500, and sleeper sofa under $1000 Click here for buying.

Open Living Room Ideas | 5 Ways To Decorate

 Which are not only good choices for your living room but also are budget-friendly products. As you can see in the above image a sectional sofa is used to fill up the open space of your house.

2. Play with paint of your living room:

Irrespective of the living room furniture and setting you can also play with your living room paint according to the desired theme and according to your favorite color pallet.

Bold color gives you an energetic look in your living room. And with the soft shades, it brings a neutral look as a whole. Which is not only energetic but also relaxing too.

Open Living Room Ideas | 5 Ways To Decorate

As you can use the mate dark blue which is thought as the best paint color for the living room and kitchen. But you can also go according to your own desires and need. If you want to see the best light gray paint for living room reviews and buying guides, click here.

3. Add some stove and double-sided fire place:

It gives you the answer to how to decorate my living room along with managing the productivity of your field. Double sided fireplace acts as a warming stove of the dining hall and maintains the light of the hall too.

Open Living Room Ideas | 5 Ways To Decorate

And on the other side, it also acts as a cooking range in the kitchen with the open living room. It also comes up under the Cheap living room sets under $200, $300, and $500 . It is such a living room idea for which you can go without any regrets.

4. Utilize the open space for good purpose:

You should use the open free space of your home with wisdom and versatility. You can place a dining table in your hallway for the free space of your open kitchen, which not only adds beauty to your home and kitchen but can also be used to treat the coming guest and families with feasibility. As you can see in the image below:

Open Living Room Ideas | 5 Ways To Decorate

You should go for such things to make your living rooms more fascinating, cozy, and comfy. This idea also comes under the farmhouse living room decorating ideas.

5. Look for the living room lights:

You should follow those ideas which were not only productive but also doesn’t interfere with your natural light coming to your house.

Moreover, if you have low light coming to your house, you can utilize the open space of your house to enhance the light of your living room, etc. You can also buy from Amazon.

You can use the roof lantern, skylights to enhance the light of your living room.  As shown in the image below:

Wrapped Up Message For Open Living Room:

Open living room ideas are available in many forms, but you have to choose the one which suits you the best. You should choose with wisdom according to your living room layout. Dear, you can use furniture, the best sectional sofa under $500, etc. to enhance the look of your living room. You can also use some stove, lantern too. Good luck for you decision.

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