Are you thinking to design an Amazing Safari Themed Living Room? Animal-themed home décor is decorating your home with various animal themes to give it a safari-style feel. This would nicely complement your interest in nature. The African bush has a way of slowing your heart, calming your spirit, and putting your mind at peace. Safari-themed home décor is characterized as wild and vibrant prints.

Animal and tribal motifs are used in the African-influenced home decorating style to create a beautiful, warm, and inviting environment. Adding African and Safari-inspired ideas to your house is a wonderful way to give your living rooms a sense of adventure. 

Some fantastic Safari-themed living room ideas:

Here are some fantastic safari-themed decoration ideas for your living room.

Color Schemes for Your Safari Décor

For the walls, go with a neutral shade like brown, beige, or dark grey. Avoid pastels and bright colors that aren’t appropriate for a safari theme. An accent wall can be used to create a focal point in the room. Decorate a large wall in your living room that has no doors or windows and paint it a darker color than the other three walls, such as one black wall in a brown-colored living room.

Look for neutrals like ivory, raffia, buff, khaki, tawny, sienna, light to dark browns, charcoal, ebony, and black in solids and designs. Shades of green that are based on nature also contribute to the safari feel.

Use Animal Prints and Designs to Decorate

Safari décor includes a lot of animal prints. Leopard, cheetah, tiger, zebra, giraffe, and crocodile are all popular safari animal prints. Mix and combine designs to create a relaxed, eclectic atmosphere with fascinating contrasts; but, too many prints can create a cluttered impression. Balance animal patterns with basic colors, wide spaces, and clean lines to allow your safari design to “breathe.” Animal wall art, figurines, sculptures, and ornamental masks can all be used to add animal flare to your safari theme.

Include African-Inspired Items in Your Décor

Sculptures and wall art portraying African people will give your safari home décor and even Wilder feel. Some African sculptures depict family moments of harmony and tenderness, making them ideal for your display area. Experiment with colors like orange, green, teal, blue, and purple that are symbolic of African textiles.


Choose a variety of brown, beige, black, and animal print linens and throw cushions for your living room. To make the pattern stand out, limit animal prints to a specific item in the living room, such as an area rug or varied color throw pillows with animal prints or actual photographs of African animals on them. Choose thick materials or textures for the windows, such as canvas, or use bamboo roman shades instead.

Pillows are a great way to try new things

If you’re thinking of incorporating safari-inspired decor into your house but aren’t sure how pillows are a fantastic way to start. They’re low-cost and low-commitment; you can find some lovely pillow coverings and shams for a reasonable price.

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