10 Sleeping Positions And Their Effect On Your Health | Tips

There is a strong connection between your sleeping positions and the health of your body. It impacts snoring, back pain, and even your personality.

If you’re not aware of the connection between your sleeping poses and health, you’re not alone in this. This is why we have compiled a list of ten sleeping positions and discussed how they affect your health.

● On Stomach

This pose can make you restless and strain your back and neck. If you want comfortable sleep, put a pillow under your neck to avoid any injury. You can also try to settle for a different pose to avoid long-term neck issues.

● Freefall

Lying with your stomach on the pillow with arms around and your head turned sideways is the freefall position. Around 7% of the global population goes to sleep like this. If you’re not used to this position, you’ll never have a comfortable sleep.

So if this is your favorite position to sleep in, research proves that you will be much more likely to be vocal about your thoughts and be sociable with the people around you. Intriguingly, you’ll also welcome criticism with both hands, regardless of whether it hits you hard or not.

● Soldier Back Position

This position is preferred by 8% of the global population and is quite a tough option for a newbie. Here, you let your arms rest against your body, sideways and have a comfortable pillow under your neck. Some research has proved that people who settle for this position will be much more guarded about their personal life and not open up easily.

However, one ends up expecting a lot from others and themselves. Therefore, it is best to avoid it in the long run and have a comfortable time during sleep.

● Back Sleeping

This position can give birth to lower back pain in many people out there. And, if you’re already going through it, things will only get worse with time passing by. Especially if you snore very often or have insomnia, problems will get bigger with time. If you’re struggling with one of these issues, there’s no harm in checking with a doctor.

Talk to the expert and they’ll come up with a better solution to this issue. Because back sleeping is a common trait amongst millions of people globally, health experts are shocked at the number of challenges that are being thrown at them.

● Starfish

Only around 4-5% of the global population follows this pattern when going to bed. All you do is, lie on your back and have your arms crossed around your head. Some say you are much more likely to become a good listener and not crave being the center of attention.

No wonder, the starfish pose can be of big help in terms of making you a better version of yourself. For best results, check this foam mattress to get a comfortable night’s sleep and avoid any health issues.

● Fetal Side Position

Around 40% of people globally choose this position to get a good night’s sleep. This position is a common trait among women and men will sleep like this. Some research believes that this position will make you friendly, warm, and sensitive and also build a protective shell around your body.

Although this sleeping position is preferred by a large group of people globally, still when one has to acquire it for sleeping, it becomes a tough challenge for them.

● Yearner

Around 13% of people sleep in this position with their arms in coherence with the shape of their body. If you sleep in this position, you’ll much likely be open-minded but also stubborn at the same time.

Studies also believe that an individual option for this position is much more likely to be suspicious. This side position isn’t a common trait amongst masses, still, it has a strong impact on the overall health of the body.

● Spooning

With your body next to your partner, you’’ wake up to exciting morning cuddles. Surprisingly, this position produces a chemical known as oxytocin, which helps cut down stress and helps improve intimacy with your loved one. Thus, you end up sleeping quickly.

No wonder, spooning has become a popular norm amongst the masses and is an easy way to declutter your mind. So if it’s been long, since you’ve had a romantic affair with your better half, try to scoop them in your arms and see how the vibe in the room will change.

● If You’ve Got a Back Pain

Side sleeping is a good option for this. To ensure high pressure on your back and hips, put a pillow between your legs. However, if you’re a back sleeper, you’ll have to stack pillows under your news too. This will ensure a natural curve in your back without any issues.

Ensure to check with a doctor, In case the situation is only getting worse with time. Severe back pain can take a big toll on the overall health of the human body. So now is the best time to drive to the best clinic in town and get a follow-up about your health.

● If You’re Expecting

If you sleep on either of the two sides, it will be healthier and more comfortable for you. Particularly the left side will be better since it will get more nutrients and blood to your baby. Ensure to put a pillow under your belly to provide maximum support. It will also help bend the knees and place a pillow between the legs.

Because pregnancy is a major phase of a woman’s life, it brings unprecedented changes in the body. Back pains will only get worse if left untreated on time.

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