One of the nicest qualities an apartment can have is a house with multi-functional rooms, such as an open plan small kitchen living room combo. Rather than having a kitchen separate from the rest of the house, open plan kitchens with eating and living room are more practical and bring people together. When done correctly, this area serves as the home’s heart. For small flats, combining the living room and kitchen into one large area is a fantastic idea. Without the use of unnecessary partitions, an open-plan kitchen makes the living rooms feel much larger.

Essential features of a small kitchen and living room combo

Let’s get right into the business;

Choose a Color Scheme

Choosing the appropriate color combinations is the most important aspect of any home design. Make sure your small kitchen living room combo’s color scheme highlights the living room.

Use light shades in the kitchen and stronger colors in the living area to make your living room stand out.

Try to select a vibrant color that you like and use its modest tone in the kitchen. This will result in a smooth transition.

Inspiring Small Kitchen Living Room Combo Ideas

Area Rugs help to define a space

You can visually split a single space into two separate spaces without using a wall when building a small kitchen living room combination. You can use area rugs to bring two distinct locations together in a natural way. You may use the same carpets in the kitchen and living room, or select one that is more eye-catching in the living room.

Make the Combo Shine

 Choosing the appropriate lighting for your small open-plan kitchen and living room combo is also a major requirement. A significant amount of light creates the illusion of a larger and more spacious environment. Therefore, maximizing natural light from windows is just as vital as using artificial lighting. Try to leave the space in front of windows open or strategically put furniture to allow light in into make the living area stand out, add a chandelier or a trendy ceiling lamp as artificial lighting.

Make the entire area white

If you’re having trouble deciding on a color scheme or want to go for a bright, minimalist look, make your small kitchen living room combo completely white.

The use of various shades of white and cream, as well as wooden tones will create the sense of a lighter, more open room. Add colorful or neutral art pieces to the décor if it appears too white, and utilize cultured bar stools for the kitchen counter.

Place a sectional sofa

The Grey Sectional Sofa blends brilliantly into the delicate and soothing living room. The sofa’s tones, as well as the diverse combination of images and unique pieces, create an interested but relaxing ambiance.

The contrast of white couches and the off white area rug creates a modern and fresh aesthetic without the need for an excessively ornate display. A sectional sofa along with dividing both the kitchen and living room also makes the space look bigger. You can place the best sectional sofa under $1000 between your kitchen and living room to make your small kitchen and living area combo look fantastic.

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